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Extracting Data from your U2-based Systems

Translating complex & specialized data into an industry-standard format

Free yourself from the lengthy, trouble-prone process of extracting data from your system. WELLAND’s EXPORT™ is designed to help you retrieve information quickly and easily from any UniVerse/UniData database allowing for data to be mined, warehoused or web-enabled. It translates the complex and specialized U2 data into an industry-standard format that allows quicker, more reliable, and easier data access and reporting.

Despite its strengths as a database, UniVerse/UniData is difficult to manipulate and limited in its ability to be used with other system-type data. It can require specialized knowledge and programming skills to extract data, leading to higher staffing costs and slower response times. No more! With EXPORT™, users have the ability to access U2 data with a few simple and straightforward queries.

Designed to help companies retrieve information quickly and easily from any U2 database, EXPORT™ automatically imports data into an Oracle or MS SQL database as an operational data store (ODS) for reporting or data-warehousing purposes. This “industry standard” opens the door to much more functionality. Having the data in a SQL-compliant database means it can be easily integrated with other systems for data mining, data warehousing and data web-enabling.

A Variety of Options

  • Exports of U2 data to an ODS can be run on a scheduled or “as needed” basis, or can be configured for real-time updates.
  • User-friendly interface allows you to choose preferred views and extract needed data.
  • Views or subsets of data may be saved and referenced again or used with the scheduling feature.
  • EXPORT™ can be configured various ways to meet your needs—all data, individual fields, subsets of tables and fields.

A Versatile Tool for Data Extraction

Before Export™After Export™
Archaic, difficult, slow
Quick ad-hoc requests
Data AccessIT professional or specially-trained staff requiredSimple enough for semi-technical users
Data IntegrationLimitedData can be consolidated with data from other software applications
Web AvailabilityNoneFirst step for web-enabled data and reports
Electronic Interface to Third Party Systems
(band or general ledger)
Very difficult, limitedPortal or first step
Report Layout/ContentLimited, low quality
No screen design capability
Versatile, high quality
Uses industry capability standard design tools
System PerformanceRisky, slowFaster, safer
Frees production servers from report generation

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