Document Management and Processing

Improve your current Document Preparation and Issuance Capacity

FORMS, Welland’s knowledge-based software is designed to improve your current document preparation and issuance easily by automatically identifying, completing and printing documents to your exact business requirements.

Company-specific and industry-standard forms are created with predetermined rules and database lookups from your system and stored in a central online library. They are “triggered” to print when needed and FORMS keeps an audit trail of all work performed. For security purposes, varying levels of authority and access can be set up for those using FORMS.

Built on a standard JAVA/XML framework, FORMS uses any SQL-compliant database such as Oracle or Microsoft’s SQL Server for its data storage needs. Each document is generated in either Adobe Acrobat or Crystal Reports software and prints in PDF format with Microsoft’s standard printing capabilities.

Adds efficiency to your document management by:

• Speeding up processing times
• Reducing overhead costs
• Improving data accuracy
• Ensuring compliance
• Enhancing communication
• Controlling printing


FORMS offers you these benefits, whether you are processing quotes, new policies, renewals, claims correspondence, invoices or checks:

Speeds up processing times

Instantly attaches all of the proper forms, already filled out with data from your system. FORMS virtually eliminates manual document preparation.

Reduces overhead costs

Allows your staff to be more productive and frees up their time for other tasks. Printing and filing costs are noticeably reduced since documents can be viewed and searched online.

Improves data accuracy

Every manual keystroke is a potential error. You and your insureds benefit from valid and accurate documents that are pre-filled and predetermined.

Ensures compliance

Your specific business rules and industry regulations are built-in so only authorized documents are issued. No guesswork is required, so there is less risk of noncompliance. It’s also easy to track the status of state-mandated filings.

Enhances communication

Improves the quality of your documents – creating more consistent, accurate and attractive documents that lead to higher client satisfaction.

Controls printing

Gives you numerous options for automatic sorting and timing for print preparation. You are able to process one or thousands of documents efficiently.

Four Simple Steps

Once your documents are in place (with their business logic), FORMS follows these four simple steps:

  • Step One

    Identifies proper forms

  • Step Two

    Inserts data

  • Step Three

    Organizes printing

  • Step Four

    Saves document

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Welland has made issuing our Professional/General Liability and Commercial Auto policies much easier. With a touch a button the forms post and collate in the order needed to print or email the policies out. The forms themselves look really nice and professional. The staff, Lori, Mike and Chris work diligently to meet our deadlines.

Senior Underwriter, Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange