EXPORT™ Proves to be the Solution for AlphaStaff

APRIL 2013
AlphaStaff wanted to give their customers what they had been asking for—customized polished reports they can generate themselves. As a provider of human resource services, working with small business and mid-market companies, AlphaStaff’s customers are dependent upon the data being collected to help guide business decisions. While customers could obtain data it was a cumbersome process that provided antiquated text-heavy reports. AlphaStaff wanted to offer more than data. They wanted to provide their customers with meaningful, usable information providing insight, benchmarking, and analytics.

AlphaStaff set out to differentiate themselves from the competition. They would be the first to offer advanced reporting complete with graphing capabilities that customers could generate anywhere at anytime. It is what customers have come to expect in today’s world of sophisticated yet user-friendly technology.

The first step in accomplishing their goal was to create an interactive web site that puts customers in the driver seat. The process began with rewriting their web application in .NET. That part was simple enough, but transferring the data from its UniData platform to a usable SQL environment posed many concerns and questions. They needed software that would manage the complicated process—selecting the right one was critical to accomplishing their goal.

The AlphaStaff IT team looked at many manufacturers. They selected Welland and another data mining industry leader to conduct a three-month-long test. Two identical virtual environments were created and the competing software were allowed to show their stuff. Observations were made and evaluated blindly by Jay LaBonte, Database Administrator. He was purposefully not involved in the establishment of the environments so that he could test and compare without prejudice. The results were in and the winner was obvious.

It was easy to see on many levels that EXPORT™ was the superior product,” states Jay. “Hands down it outperformed the competition. It was quicker and easier to maintain.”

Welland’s EXPORT™ helped AlphaStaff eliminate the headaches customers faced when retrieving information. Data mining became simple, quick and in real-time. Customers are now able to produce sophisticated results with meaningful data and storytelling graphs and charts. Shortly after rolling out the product, the positive customer feedback came pouring in. AlphaStaff believes the new reporting tool will help increase their market share.

To learn more about Welland’s EXPORT™ product, please contact Mike Mapes at 206-484-2156 or mmapes@welland.com.