Welland and MACH Software Prepare Emergency Essentials for Success

JULY 2015

Emergency Essentials, LLC helps people and businesses prepare for unexpected circumstances and disaster by providing valuable customer service, education, and quality emergency preparedness products that create confidence and peace of mind in the lives of their customers and their families.

They also have special programs that help businesses, municipalities and schools get essential supplies for effective business continuity and emergency plans. These can be critical in providing the safety and peace of mind their people need whether at work, home, or traveling.

Emergency Essentials started as a small company with only one employee selling powdered milk out of a living room, but grew quickly through word of mouth. They now have more than 100 employees at their warehouse and corporate office.

As Emergency Essentials grew, so did their database of products offered and customer information. In order to truly be prepared for each client’s needs and circumstances, it was crucial they could quickly access their data outside their main ERP system in a user friendly, functional way. Enter Mach software and Welland EXPORT™ solution.

MACH Software provides Emergency Essentials’ transactional business solution. It is a fast and powerful system for processing orders, controlling inventory, an accounting solution and much more. MACH provides solutions for multi-channel merchants doing business via catalog, Internet, retail stores, Amazon and more.

Welland Company’s EXPORT™ solution is designed to help businesses retrieve information quickly and easily from their UniVerse/UniData (U2) database which allows the data to be mined, warehoused and web-enabled. It then translates the business driven U2 data into an industry standard format of MS SQL or Oracle, which was needed for additional flexibility and standardization.

The ability for Emergency Essentials to have their data “industry standard” opened the door to more functionality, improved operational efficiency and an increase in employee productivity.

As a company that prides itself on making sure its customers are prepared in case of an emergency, Emergency Essentials is now prepared for any inquiries and urgent needs that come their way thanks to the combination of MACH Software and Welland’s EXPORT™ solution.

“Emergency Essentials has successfully incorporated MACH Software and Welland’s EXPORT™ as the tools that has allowed them access to unleash the potential behind their transactional data through data mining and data extraction. The analytical tools Emergency Essentials now has at their fingertips will enhance the expertise and enrich the quality for data distribution for decisions, education, forecasting, customer service, and the company as a whole.”

– Tony Nettling, MACH Software

To learn more about Welland’s EXPORT™ product, please contact Mike Mapes at 206-484-2156 or mmapes@welland.com.