Welland Key Team Member in Equity Trustees Data Migration

APRIL 2016

Equity Trustees acquired ANZ Trustees, an enterprise of equal size and complementary business streams. A few years earlier, Equity Trustees selected Bravura Solutions’ Garradin application as its core trustee platform. Extremely pleased with Garradin’s functionality and performance, Equity Trustees were keen to consolidate the new ANZ trustees business within their existing solution. A key challenge posed by the acquisition was the transfer of data from ANZ’s heritage TACT system to the Garradin system.

To prepare the TACT data for migration, Equity Trustees employed the services of the Welland Company and their Export™ product. Welland worked with Equity Trustees and Bravura to provide a turn-key solution for transforming the complex TACT database into an MS SQL database.

In less than six months since the project began, the migration and verification of data from the ANZ Trustees’ TACT system to Equity Trustees’ Garradin system was successfully completed in just under 10 hours.

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