Propel Insurance Finds Momentum with Welland and Vertafore


Propel Insurance is one of the Northwest’s largest privately owned insurance agencies and provides a broad array of property, casualty, risk management, workers’ comp, employee benefits, personal insurance and other products across North America. Propel is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals manage their insurance needs and creating innovative solutions to even the toughest risk management challenges.

Over the last several years, Propel has expanded their operations and product offerings significantly through a number of acquisitions. The need to provide complex, customized products to their customers required a scalable agency management solution to support their business.

Enter Vertafore and their innovative Sagitta product. Vertafore is a leader in modern insurance technology. Their Sagitta management software is the most flexible and powerful management system available today, designed specifically to help large agencies, MGAs, bankers and national brokers increase productivity, enhance customer service, and control operating costs. It is highly customizable and scalable with unmatched processing capabilities.

In addition to the management software, the growing database and an increased need for translating their data for top-of-the-line reporting became a priority. The data in their UniVerse/UniData (U2) database was difficult to access and utilize in its native format. They needed a solution to standardize the data. This is where Welland and their EXPORT™ product entered the picture.

EXPORT™ is designed to help businesses retrieve information quickly and easily from their U2 database which allows the data to be mined, warehoused and web-enabled. It then translates the business driven U2 data into an industry standard format of MS SQL or Oracle, which is needed for additional flexibility and standardization.

The final piece of the puzzle was to ensure EXPORT™ and Sagitta worked seamlessly. The teams from Welland and Vertafore worked together to create the connection between the software products. The combination of these solutions now allows Propel to easily access and utilize SQL for their reporting needs as well as manage their product offerings more efficiently. The increase in employee productivity and ability for future growth has proved to be essential to Propel’s business operations.

For Propel, smarter insurance solutions start with experts who think a little differently. Welland and Vertafore were able to think a little differently for Propel with their combined partnership and software solutions. Momentum is on Propel’s side now as they continue to grow and move forward into the future.

“I have been extracting Sagitta UniVerse data into SQL 2000 up through SQL 2012 for over 10 years using DTS, SSIS, and custom methods based upon in various combinations. All of these methods worked fairly well, but all are left in the dust by the Welland Export product. The speed, accuracy, and resilience of the Welland product are far beyond what I thought was possible. Incremental changes are replicated almost instantly. The logging is detailed and understandable. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.”

— ERIC PERDUE, Propel Insurance

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