EXPORT™ Key to TMLIUA’s Reporting Needs


The Texas Medical Liability Insurance Underwriting Association (TMLIUA) was created by statute in 1975. The 64th Texas Legislature (1975) passed Senate Bill 491 which included a provision for the creation of the Texas Medical Liability Insurance Underwriting Association as a temporary solution to a market restriction in availability of Medical Professional Liability Insurance. The bill was passed on May 29, 1975 and the first policy was issued on September 1, 1975. TMLIUA’s purpose is to ensure the availability of medical professional liability insurance to the licensed medical providers and facilities in Texas who are unable to obtain reasonably priced coverage in the standard insurance market.

For a number of years, TMLIUA had been struggling with their reporting capabilities. The reports needed to be completed manually, which required labor hours during peak periods. It was putting a strain on their workforce and impacting their ability to focus on their customers to the fullest extent. Additionally, there were limitations on the functionality of the reports they were using.

Welland Company’s EXPORT™ proved to be the solution for TMLIUA. After implementing the product, labor costs were reduced and customer service feedback has been positive. It has allowed the company to produce more accurate and timely reports required for their quarterly and annual financial statements. The additional reporting possibilities have also opened up new avenues of analyzing their data, which they believe will provide a number of opportunities for future growth and improved company operations.

Jessica Fontenot, Controller at TMLIUA, stated:

“The opportunity to work with Welland’s skilled team has been extremely beneficial for our company. Welland’s Export product has enabled our team to focus more attention on analyzing operational results, strategize our business needs, and plan for future insurance industry demands.”

To learn more about Welland’s EXPORT™ product, please contact Mike Mapes at 206-484-2156 or mmapes@welland.com.