EXPORT™ Benefits Insurance Company

Washington Casualty Company (WCC) provides medical professional liability coverage to hospitals, health care facilities and physicians in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. They are a member of Coverys, one of the top ten medical professional liability insurance providers in the country based on direct written premiums.

Several years ago, WCC faced a complex data reporting issue that needed immediate attention. Their UniVerse system had data mining limitations that were affecting their customer service, growth opportunities and bottom line.

Extracting accurate data to generate reports and other critical business tools was draining staff time  and they never felt totally confident in the quality. The Insured Loss Run Report, for example, is a critical tool used by Underwriters to assess a potential insuree’s risk. Stale-dated, incomplete or missing data produces skewed insuree assessments resulting in losses.

WCC frequently encountered data mining issues that could only be resolved through labor-intensive, manual manipulation. To obtain usable data they had to export it from legacy insurance software and into a highly complex data warehouse. Certain data challenges seemed unsolvable and staff morale was suffering. WCC had to find a solution.

Welland Company’s EXPORT™ was the fix they had been searching for—Bryan Lewis, WCC’s Network Administrator states:

“We now have a consolidated, up-to-date and centralized customer relationship management database. We are confident in the accuracy of our reports and have expanded our opportunities for managing anything from a targeted marketing campaign to statistical analysis for new product development.”

Technical staff time spent on data extracts has been reduced to zero; an unwieldy job is now a streamlined process. EXPORT™ has also enabled WCC to use SAP’s analytics offerings (Business Objects/Crystal Reports). With this real-time loss reporting, Underwriters are empowered to make quick, accurate decisions on the best insurance products to recommend.

To learn more about Welland’s EXPORT™ product, please contact Mike Mapes at 206-484-2156 or mmapes@welland.com.