Welland and MACH Software Transform Costume SuperCenter


Costume SuperCenter is the world’s most exciting costume and accessory retailer. Steven Mandell, founder of Party City, established the company in 2005 with the concept of creating a costume website that everyone could visit from the comfort of their home or office. He recognized the need for increased selection, high quality and more fashion savvy designs in the marketplace.

Over the years, Costume SuperCenter has grown to offer over 8,000 different costumes and accessories in the latest styles and from the hottest licenses including Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Barbie, Star Wars, Superman, Universal, Playboy, and so many others. It is a leading resource for buying costumes online. In addition, the merchandising group has more experience than any other costume retailer or etailer in the country.

Costume SuperCenter is dedicated to making your costume shopping experience an easy, fun, safe and satisfying experience. In order to do this, it is essential that their database run as smoothly and quickly as possible. This allows their employees to focus on providing top-notch customer service to their customers.

As Costume SuperCenter grew, so did the challenge of maintaining a highly efficient database system and easy-to-use reporting tools. Mitech Data Systems was brought in to analyze the current system and was tasked with finding a better solution that would grow with the company.

Mitech Data Systems is an IT consulting company specializing in database design, reporting and dashboards helping companies gain visibility and insight into their data so management knows what’s going on in all aspects of the business.

Mitech determined that the system they had in place was taking too many server resources resulting in slow response time and report creation. In addition, they were finding that 80% of the time the reporting system would run smoothly, but one little thing could lead to an unstable server environment. It was vital they make some changes. The proposed solution was to bring together MACH Software’s Universe Database and Welland Company’s EXPORT™ tool.

MACH Software is an ERP designed to meet the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, marketing and accounting requirements of today’s online merchant.

EXPORT™ by Welland Company is designed to help businesses retrieve information quickly and easily from their UniVerse/UniData (U2) database which allows the data to be mined, warehoused and web-enabled. It then translates the business driven U2 data into an industry standard format of MS SQL or Oracle, which was needed for additional flexibility and standardization.

“Finding Welland was a godsend!”

– Michael Kamm, Mitech Data Systems

Costume SuperCenter’s solution now uses MACH Software as the starting point for its reporting needs. EXPORT™’s ability to translate their data into SQL for use with MACH Software has eliminated the slow response time and server crashes. The MACH Software data is also updated automatically ensuring that Costume SuperCenter can easily pull and create reports in a matter of seconds.

The combination of MACH Software, Welland Company and Mitech Data Systems has transformed Costume SuperCenter’s database and reporting tools. These changes will allow the organization to grow with ease and focus on their commitment to delivering the best online shopping experience possible.

To learn more about Welland’s product offerings, please contact Mike Mapes at 206-484-2156 or mmapes@welland.com. Additional information on MACH Software can be found at www.machsoftware.com or by calling 800.660.1275. For information on Mitech Data Systems, email mitechdatasystems@gmail.com or call 845.641.6147.