The W Team

With twenty seven years of experience, our clients’ happiness is our biggest asset. We have many long-standing relationships, and our clients’ trust and confidence often results in new business referrals. Their success is our success.

  • Looking for a resource that understands your business, produces elegant software, and is easy to work with?


    We provide our clients with customized software solutions supported by prompt, bend-over-backwards service.

Whether working as a consultant or a complement to your IT department, we hit the ground running and don’t stop until our software meets your business and users goals. Because we have software development expertise AND business specific knowledge, we produce results that otherwise might not be achieved on your own.

Our people are smart, curious, and prepared to design the best solution for your programming challenge. In response to an unfilled industry need, we developed two custom software solutions for document and report management—FORMS and EXPORT™. These programs are used by companies in the Americas and Europe to make their work easier and more productive.